socoto offers a work-study program in computer science and opens up long-term perspectives

Many students lack the necessary practical experience after graduation, which makes it much more difficult for them to start their careers. Some of them also first complete an apprenticeship and then add a course of study. However, there is also a possibility to combine professional practice and theoretical studies on an equal footing: The dual system. Since the WSS 19/20 socoto has been offering this in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Trier in the field of computer science and thus focuses on sustainable skilled worker development.

"Long-term, reliable and resilient partnerships - that is our goal, both in the direction of clients and employees", says managing director Dr. Bernhard Gründer about the dual study program at socoto. To this end, socoto is happy to invest in the training of young computer scientists and involves them in the further development of the socoto software at an early stage. Together with the University of Applied Sciences Trier, the software company offers students of computer science the opportunity to work at socoto during their studies and to combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

"Of course, our motivation is not completely altruistic. This allows us to qualify specialists at an early stage and integrate them directly into our teams," adds René Beszon, Managing Director and Head of Development at socoto, who accompanies the students as a central contact person on the practical side. "We expect to find employees with a high level of identification with the company and our clients who will bring a high level of practice-oriented performance after graduation and stay with the company in the long term". During their studies, students get to know all areas of development and can learn about their preferences and strengths. This sustainable concept benefits both the students and the development teams, because the dual study programme gives both sides time and space to get used to each other and to develop future perspectives.


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