Hyundai automates workflows in central and local newsletter dispatch

When campaign mailings from different hierarchical levels and user groups are played out and distributed both locally and nationally, there are various sources of error lurking in the process from creation to dispatch. Unless you do it like Hyundai and rely on intelligent workflows from socoto.

Duplicates or faulty data transfer, CI conformity, legal security and DSVGO – these are just a few of the pitfalls and requirements in the process flow of e-mail marketing that prevent good performance. Everything becomes even more complicated if a large number of individual newsletters are to be generated from different sources in the campaign rollout.

This is when automation and perfect workflow management help. Thanks to the socoto newsletter tool, marketing managers can create and play out campaigns in a coordinated and individual manner both in sales and after-sales. Hyundai uses the "Newsletter" tool in its fully comprehensive marketing portal and makes use of it through various user groups with different hierarchical levels. 

Different objectives of the different user groups
From the marketing headquarters to the local trading partner, the Hyundai newsletter solution must be able to meet the needs of different user groups. While the Hyundai marketing headquarters provides leads – based on their search behavior on the company's own website – with more detailed information, the local retail partners activate their own customer base with targeted offers and local news, from campaign days to new car introductions. In the future, individualized after-sales offers will also be played out, from inspection reminders to wheel changes. 

Newsletter content – individual, CI-compliant and legally compliant
The retailer newsletter is characterized by CI conformity, high individualization and legal security. While retailer master data is automatically included when opening the template, the retailer can select individual campaign elements according to personal relevance. If, for example, he decides on a model variant for a new car offer, he only has to make the final price. Automated workflows ensure that the relevant product data and legally compliant emission values are imported.

Automated, secure data management
Data, which is automatically included in the newsletter creation process, comes from a wide variety of sources. Product and emission data are integrated as well as central and local addresses. Both access rights, especially for address data, as well as interfaces are central issues of secure and economic data management.

socoto ensures maximum data security with various interfaces, both in technical, legal and content terms. The integration of address matching and newsletter dispatch in the socoto system also ensures additional security in data management. Sensitive data records do not have to be duplicated and sent through insecure channels or to third parties. Instead, an automatic comparison of the dispatch addresses can also be carried out centrally to avoid duplicates. This is particularly relevant when both head office and retailers provide addresses for the same newsletter. Dealer mailings are sent directly from the Hyundai marketing portal, so there is no data break during transmission. The bounce management is also located here and thus complies with the DSVGO guidelines. 


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