Experts among themselves: Temel Kahyaoglu in conversation with Dr Bernhard Gründer

The Group of Analysts (TGOA) is one of the leading international analysts for marketing software. In their "Product Culture Magazine", the analysts regularly deal with the minds behind trend-setting product developments. Chief analyst and magazine editor Temel Kahyaoglu met socoto managing director Dr Bernhard Gründer for an expert talk about the change in communication and information behaviour, the resulting challenges for companies with a large number of decentralised sales partners and how modern marketing management systems can support them.

The advancing digitalisation is leading to a real atomisation of communication. People's media usage behaviour and thus their potential accessibility for marketing activities has changed fundamentally. Changing media, changing lifestyles and new communication channels require increasingly differentiated and thus more demanding marketing planning. However, according to Bernhard Gründer's experience, this challenge is not only faced by marketing headquarters, but also by local sales partners of big brands who want to place their advertising spendings precisely to the target group in the increasingly confusing media landscape without in-depth marketing know-how and a network of specialised service providers.

In the expert interview, Dr. Bernhard Gründer and Temel Kahyaoglu discuss how marketing management systems help to achieve high target group relevance with optimised use of advertising spendings by means of intelligent networking of all marketing actors on a single platform - from the marketing headquarters to national and international sales partners to all fulfilment partners.

You can read the whole interview here.



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