Successful planning of location marketing measures with the socoto PoS Planner

For marketing headquarters, the optimal implementation of PoS campaigns is a highly complex issue, as both different campaigns and sales channels as well as the individual structural and assortment-related orientation of each location must be taken into account. Intransparent, complicated coordination and updating processes between headquarters and sales locations take up a lot of manpower, are often difficult to implement and not infrequently lead to high costs and quality losses due to incorrect productions and deliveries.

The ideal solution for companies with a large number of sales locations is the socoto PoS Planner. To ensure that everyone gets what they need, it automates the demand- and location-based assembly of PoS packages and ensures the efficient implementation of point-of-sale marketing across the entire portfolio of classic and digital communication media.

The location profiles of the sales locations - as the basis for a correct coordination of PoS requirements - are maintained in the system and can be adjusted at any time by the marketing headquarters or the local sales partner. At the same time, the marketing centre creates an annual plan of the promotion rounds with allocation of the relevant advertising material. Now the locations only have to clarify their participation in the promotion. This is done either by an automated allocation according to criteria such as assortment, location factor or price range, or it is queried by a participation management (ideal for franchisees or independent sales partners). If all criteria are available, the socoto PoS planner matches all relevant data and then calculates the equipment of the respective PoS packages precisely. It compiles the corresponding production and assembly data and forwards this to the relevant offices.

Buffer quantities perfectly cover special cases and should be easily retrievable by the promotion participants if required. The socoto PoS planner calculates buffer quantities automatically and lets them flow directly into the production process. In the socoto shop, these can now be called up by the sales locations or the marketing headquarters at any time.

The creation of all relevant advertising material in the system rounds off the project workflow, offers clear production management and enables the existing templates to be adapted and used in further campaigns. The final release of the print data to trigger the ordering process is carried out by the marketing centre.

The socoto PoS Planner impresses with its simple matching of large amounts of data and enables the precise calculation of PoS requirements. The high degree of automation and the transparent workflow minimise sources of error in the production and delivery process and reduce complex manual coordination processes. Companies save manpower and relieve marketing budgets - resources that they can profitably use elsewhere.


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