One (print) template - umpteen individual possibilities

Brochures, whether as handouts, inserts, or mailings, must be to the point to generate relevance as a touchpoint in the customer journey. "One size does not fit all" does not work, because every location has a target group-specific range of products. Consequently, brochures should also be tailored to the respective assortment and the local shoppers to trigger buying impulses.

So now you could provide the retailers with 1000 and one templates - the right one would certainly be there, or - and we think this is the more economical way in terms of costs, time and nerves - you take a modular template and provide it to the retailers.

Too theoretical? So, here's a practical example:

The New Year's campaign is just around the corner: central marketing provides a sales brochure in addition to all other advertising materials. Depending on rights and role, this can now be edited by the retailer:

- The range of products shown does not reflect the retailer's stock. No problem, the retailer can replace individual products or entire pages.

- In the template, product A is celebrated, but product B from the fall campaign would be more important to the retailer? Loosen up, just take the "Fall Campaign" module out of the system, and insert it into the template.

- The graphic design and the page layout are successful, but the selection of products is rather semi? Just change it and insert your own favorites.

- The price indicated in the template is not that of the retailer? No stress simply change and upload from the personal profile manager.

- It should be rather the slimmer brochure and not the umpteen pages comprehensive? What the heck, just delete the corresponding pages.

- The time required for the design is too high for the dealer and should rather be left to the dealer agency? This is also possible with our system - an editable briefing passes on all elementary points to the agency, which then delivers the finished files for approval.

And as an added benefit, dealers can save not only the entire print job as a template, but also individual pages. This means that quick-turnaround items from one advertising material can be transferred directly to the next.


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