Targeted and dynamic advertising with DOOH

Digital screens in the marketing mix of local retailers

Digital out-of-home marketing (DOOH) is booming: in Q2 2023, according to the market research company Nielsen, DOOH gross advertising spending in Germany was around 10 per cent above the previous year's level at 248 million euros, and the trend is heading upwards. No wonder: Dynamic Big Screens offer enormous advantages over classic 18/1 posters and full columns. And they're very popular with the target groups! Local retailers can also profit from this trend.

In pedestrian areas, at the airport, in supermarkets or shopping centres - advertising screens are present in many places and have become an integral part of everyday life. Around 135,000 digital advertising media ensure maximum advertising impact at over 44,000 locations in Germany. Their moving images show product information, special offers, current football results or the shortest route to the nearest shop. The clever targeting functions as well as the high agility of DOOH make this medium an attractive building block in media planning: thanks to Programmatic, brands can address their customers appropriately on their way through everyday life, for example via motifs on city screens that communicate with each other. But not only the brand benefits from programmatic outdoor advertising, digital screens also offer local retailers enormous potential for a dynamic and targeted customer approach at important touch-points. There are no limits to creativity, because the screens can be used to:

  • display daily or weekly offers, even matching the time of day, the day of the week or the current weather,

  • provide background information on products,

  • place information about the company (e.g. introductions of employees or sponsoring activities),

  • promote competitions and announce events,

  • include regional and local news.

Relevant display advertising is extremely attention-grabbing - and this is exactly what local retailers can take advantage of to improve the shopping experience and strengthen customer proximity.

Suitable solutions for local digital advertising strategies

But how can local outlets take advantage of DOOH, when little manpower is available for creation and technical implementation and if the corresponding marketing know-how is simply lacking? socoto offers suitable solutions for local digital advertising strategies, especially for retailer networks: With the socoto digital module, advertising screens can be easily integrated into the marketing mix of every local retail company. The Marketing Management System always offers retail companies two options: Either they play their screens with the group's campaigns or they detach themselves from the super-ordinate marketing plan and create their own content. With the help of digital templates, this is easily done - and can be actioned for all digital channels at the same time. Filling social media channels and all in-house screens with content in no time at all - that saves resources and nerves. And for those who also want to use external digital advertising spaces in the regional environment (for example in public transport or in nearby supermarkets) for advertising purposes, we at socoto have appropriate DOOH marketer packages ready to go.

Our goal: We want to make creation and booking easier and thus also give local retailers the opportunity to fully exploit the potential of DOOH. Placing messages in the right place at the right time and reaching customers in real time has a very meaningful effect in the local environment. Relevant above all is what fits into one's everyday life.


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