Digitization changes value creation processes

On May 8th socoto will be demonstrating at the PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION the opportunities digitalisation offers for the interaction of marketing management systems and print service providers.socoto will be bringing together the marketing experts for the third time at the PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION to exchange information about the relevant trends of the present and the groundbreaking topics of the future at the Düsseldorf Congress Centre. Dr. Bernhard Gründer, managing partner of socoto gmbh & co. kg, will speak in Düsseldorf on 8 May about the role of marketing management systems in the digital upheaval and the opportunities for print service providers to generate their own added value in changed value creation processes. The digitisation process in companies with decentralised sales structures involves the networking of all players in the value creation chain and the consolidation of data from a wide variety of sources, right through to the automated generation and cross-media use of highly individualised content for a large number of local sales partners. The fulfillment companies of nationally and internationally operating major enterprises - which also include printing houses and lettershops - benefit from intelligent workflows from planning and budgeting to automated data generation and transfer to defined processing channels Data silos between digital and analog content are broken down and data of different origins are linked for cross-media dual use. At this point, numerous opportunities open up for future business models of established companies, from the rapid realisation of very short runs in digital printing to the automated cross-media use of individual content in classic and digital advertising forms, such as the target-group-specific delivery of individual brochures via mailshot or playout as a digital version.

CCD CongressCenter Düsseldorf

8. May 2019Lecture: 15.00 - 15.30

Marketing Management Systems and their role in the digitalisation process / Dr. Bernhard Gründer, Managing Partner socoto gmbh & co. kg


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