Get out of the store! Communicate price reductions locally, at the push of a button

Short-term price reductions boost sales - digitalisation that exploits all possibilities brings new customers.

The fresh peppers still look good on the shelf, but by the end of the day the batch should be sold if no losses are to be written off. So simply lower the price and boost sales? If only it were that simple! It's not enough to just change the labels, the price often also has to be entered into the Cashier’s system as well as on the displays at the PoS. So how about a system that changes everything at the touch of a button and can also display localised advertising to customers who are in the vicinity of the store?

We all know them; the food retail employees who change the price tags just before closing time. This is now a thing of the past for many retailers, because large retail chains have opted for digital price labels, thus optimising price-change processes. The digital solution replaces tedious manual updates and saves significant time and effort; reason enough for many to go digital.

But simply left at that, retailers are still missing out. Price communication across all channels available in the shop - digital labels, product information pillars, PoS systems or displays in the checkout area - should all be consistent and up to date in order to avoid incorrect price labelling and miscommunication with customers.

But what if the updated prices were sent directly to end consumers via digital displays or as a direct message? What potential could be activated there?

With socoto’s Marketing Management System (MMS) this can be achieved with one click. Price updates can be sent to interested consumers via WhatsApp - what’s more, you can even enrich the communication directly with a link to a suitable recipe for the product. Efficient data management makes it all possible.

Have you ever thought about short-term advertising via Meta? By sensibly linking interest targeting with geo-targeting, potential customers who are within reach of the store can be directly addressed. You can do this by hand in the Meta Business Suite, although this can be time-consuming and lead to errors. It is smarter to control this via socoto: Advertising material is created via the MMS portal and the current price is loaded directly into the advertising material. Via an interface all relevant details and materials are sent to the connected fulfillment partner, who carries out the playout according to your predefined requirements within seconds. It doesn't get any more convenient than that. And the best thing: at the end of the day, the goods are all sold!

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