Digital brochures - the cross-media extension of classic offer communication

Every customer journey looks different and not every form of communication reaches the desired target group in the regional environment. Where the brochure as an insert or direct mail - the classic form of offer communication for stationary trade - reaches its limits, the digital brochure opens up interesting options to reach interested parties with high digital information affinity and also classic advertising refuseniks.

With the digital brochure, socoto once again demonstrates how intelligent cross-media communication significantly improves the presence with the ready-to-buy audience.
For example, a sales partner compiles his individual spring brochure from a portfolio of offer elements, edits the prices and books the brochure distribution.
In order to also reach those of his target group whose information behaviour is more in the digital area, he expands his communication by booking the digital brochure.
And because the cross-media use of offer elements is conveniently supported in socoto, he can also use them for the individualisation and booking of the "digital brother" without much additional effort. For the local sales partner, this means a great deal more visibility with the ready-to-buy audience with a minimum of additional effort.
Digital brochures work, as the advertising effectiveness study "Digital Brochure Advertising in Stationary Retail 2015" proves, and interest is growing. Consumers are increasingly using digital location-based information to take advantage of the offers of stationary retail in a targeted manner.

The digital brochure is prominently anchored in the site bar of a website, directly visible and invites the user to browse comfortably - without having to click on further pages. Based on the environment, the digital brochure is displayed exclusively on customer-defined premium portals. Optionally, target group-specific targeting can also be selected.
A special advantage is the so-called negative targeting. This ensures that the brochure is only played to potential customers who have not yet been in contact with the campaign page.
The booker selects the desired playout areas and the campaign period and in the end only pays for the actual contact with the advertising material.
This is how conveniently the digital brochure intelligently expands the reachability of the relevant target group in stationary trade.



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