Headless CMS offers more flexibility in content management.

It sounds so simple - but it costs a lot of time, nerves and in the worst case a lot of money: the maintenance of individual content such as master data, contact persons as well as individual offers. After all, this data is not only found on the website, but can also be used in apps, Google MyBusiness, yellow pages, flyers and other advertising media. 

In the worst case scenario, the retailer has to maintain his content manually in all relevant touchpoints – and he hopefully knows where - or outsource his "MonkeyWork" to agencies. Even conventional content management systems do not provide the desired time and cost savings here: Automation? No way! The result: A significant increase in time or cash, more sources of error and ultimately - poorly or inadequately maintained data and information. 

socoto offers the solution: Suitable interfaces - depending on the target platform - ensure the automatic delivery of data to the respective portals. The user can easily update all data in one place, everything else is automatically processed by the backend of the socoto marketing management system. Programming interfaces (REST APIs) ensure encrypted server communication and thus form the socoto Headless CMS. 

Multi-brand retailers in particular, who have to keep a large number of websites, landing pages and apps constantly up-to-date, benefit from the simple usage. In addition to master data such as telephone numbers, contact persons or opening hours, individual dealer offers or news can also be transferred – after alle each individual content of the sales partners. All of this always up-to-date, CI-compliant, legally compliant and provided with validity. This means that the days of outdated information on the Internet are finally over.


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