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The customer service area of every car dealership offered and continues to offer the greatest opportunities for returns. Different hourly rates and regional price differences often do not allow national price communication. Ideally, every retailer should therefore compile his local portfolio of products and services, price them individually, and cross-media play out the offers via classic and digital media channels with the same prices, content, and formalities as possible.
Volvo Car Germany relies on socoto's central offer management for a clear, time-saving playout of individual local service offers. And so geht´s: In the Volvo marketing portal - the Mediamaster - Volvo Car Germany makes the current range of all service and accessory products and services available to its dealers. The Volvo dealer decides which offers he wants to include in his personal portfolio and with which price he wants to advertise. If, for example, he creates a flyer, a mailing or a newsletter, he can access his offers or additionally create new ones and thus realise an individual, CI-compatible advertising medium in a short time. Content delivery can also be implemented quickly and easily through central management and the reuse of individual offers. Through its release, the retailer decides on the playout of selected offers on digital channels such as PoS-TV or the retailer's website.

Sascha Birk, Customer Service Officer: "socoto's central offer management offers the ideal basis for promoting cross-media customer approach in Customer Service Marketing. The automated handling of individual offers enables our dealers to communicate their personal portfolios consistently across a variety of advertising channels. In this way, our dealers and garages increase the visibility of their offers with little effort and thus strengthen the turnover of the garage business." At Volvo Car Germany, socoto offer management is used both for customer service and for communicating individual new and used car offers.



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