7th socoto Content Management Day. Online Edition - Refreshingly different!

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This year the 7th socoto Content Management Day will be launched for the first time as an online edition and we are looking forward to welcoming the socoto content community live on the web on Tuesday, 23 June 2020.

As always, the focus will be on the latest developments in content management which perfectly support the daily work from rolling out complex cross-media campaigns to fine-tuning.

In four slots we will show new features in mms 5, give practical tips and answer questions about successful content management.

mms 5 - it will be exciting again
At the beginning, there are exciting new features and prospects around mms 5, the enhanced user interface and the resulting template management options.
The new Adversizer - focus on ad scaling
We will introduce the extended application possibilities of disproportionate ad scaling and show how this makes everyday work easier. The community learns more about the differentiation of the individual scaling methods and their diverse usage scenarios in content management.
The new editor - sections and object selection
We present the optimized handling of the new editor. Especially the handling of complex elements and the resulting possibilities for the data processing of variant elements are discussed.
Properties and attributes - cross-genre management
Cross-genre management of properties and attributes ensures transparent, fast workflows in everyday work. This slot shows how to use the new options to bring order and structure to the templates of all genera and achieve a better overview in daily work. All in all, a big step in simplifying portal maintenance.


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