New budget selection in the booking process - efficient and manageable.

How many trade marketing campaigns are running suboptimal because the budget and WKZ of the local players are not being used optimally? Too many selection and combination options can overwhelm sales partners during the advertising material booking process. The new budget view from socoto simplifies the management of advertising spendings – even special cases are clearly displayed.

Depending on the campaign and even on the advertising media, different budgets and types of subsidies are available. This often leads to complex budget constellations that present users of marketing management systems with major challenges in the final booking process. What budgets are available to me and how do I choose the "right" ones in order to receive a maximum subsidy? An allocation according to gut feeling is a source of error and often leads to bad results.

In the best case, an auditor can manually correct a wrong allocation in the post-processing, in the worst case, WKZ offers are not fully used and the campaign lacks the monetary means for a good performance.

socoto has greatly simplified, automated and clearly arranged the budget selection function in the booking process. All necessary information is clearly displayed. The system automatically displays the appropriate budget in the marketing plan depending on the motif and campaign, which only needs to be confirmed once by the user. In this way socoto automatically links 95 percent of all bookings with the optimum subsidy option. socoto even has a solution for absolutely special cases. Here a chat in the tool ensures fast support and complete documentation.


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