After-sales marketing - there's room for improvement! Make more profit without any tricks.

In most industries, after-sales is becoming increasingly important. Here, additional economic advantages open up, because this area is precisely the cash cow that contributes significantly to the achievement of sales and return targets. Offer tracking, up-selling and cross-selling - all of these have long been standards in after-sales marketing. But it is precisely in this area that the digital capture of sales opportunities is still little established. Surprising, because this is where the growth opportunities of the future lie!

What would it be like if chain stores could digitally identify and evaluate stationary catchment and sales areas in their local environment? If insights into the target group, such as income, household size, but also recent purchases, were coupled with a customer demand and potential analysis, enriched by local competitive information such as sales campaigns of the competition?

What is needed is not only the company's own sales data, but also local socio-demographic data, Google analysis of local search queries, calls to digital keywords and knowledge of the campaigns of its direct competitors.

This allows service offers or up- and cross-selling measures to be planned more precisely, and ROI is achieved much faster. This sounds like a lot of work, and it would be if you had to do it manually or with several tools. But you don't have to. 

Fortunately, it is also very easy - and without many tricks: Comfortably run the analysis in the system and visually display the results and potentials on a map. In the next step, you can plan and implement the booking and playout of the appropriate advertising media. 

In this way, you can eliminate your own whitespots, increase reach and visibility, and plan and use budgets efficiently. Geomarketing is definitely the keyword of the day here and another step in the right direction, because according to the "Service Trends 2030" study, the digitization of service products and processes, the localization of service, and the continuous expansion of customer loyalty represent the three most important trends of the next 10 years.

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