Automated ad adaptation with the new socoto Adversizer

The campaign is rolled out, the ads are booked and all differ in column widths, aspect ratios and text lengths. Still no solution in sight? Even established software solutions for ad adaptation require several manually created source formats and contain a multitude of error sources. This is where the new socoto Adversizer scores. It starts with just one template and automates the adaptation of text and image elements to the most varied target formats - smart, fast and reliable.

Adapting print ads into many different target formats is part of everyday life in retail marketing. Automated, AI-controlled adaptation not only simplifies this process, but also minimizes numerous sources of error. Adapting ads automatically is nothing new at first. Mostly this is done by scaling. The problem: font sizes change unplanned, sensitive image sections can be cropped and CI conformity and security for legal texts cannot really be guaranteed.

This is different with the new socoto Adversizer. Here adaptations are not simply scaled but completely recalculated. This groundbreaking technology has many advantages. One template is sufficient which is automatically adapted to all required formats. CI specifications regarding font size and spacing of images and texts are adhered to, as well as the publishers' guidelines regarding type area.

Important for internationally operating companies: The Adversizer also adapts the display to varying text lengths due to language changes in accordance with CI. The Adversizer also easily solves the problem of font size underruns in legal texts, which occurs in other systems based on the principle of scaling. Finally, a smart image cropping mechanism ensures that the perfect image section is always selected and no sensitive areas are omitted. At the push of a button, so to speak, all print templates are quickly and easily provided in the desired formats - if necessary, even shortly before the deadline.


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