9th socoto Content Management Day

Making local marketing easier - that was the topic of this year's socoto Content Management Day, the annual meeting of socoto customers, partners and other industry experts, which took place again this year in presence. And so, on May 26, 2022, more than 60 participants came together and explored, among other things, the questions of where the development of the CMS Manager is going, what the new digital editor is all about, and what the new campaign automat can do.

The evolution of the CMS Manager

The very first part of the seminar day dealt with further developments and intuitive simplifications of the CMS Manager. We extended it with the new CMS Designer, which replaces the Java-based content maintenance with a web-based solution. This allowed us to tidy up the interfaces, map existing functionalities and incorporate useful extensions – in line with the motto: evolution instead of revolution. The tidy interface and functions such as news and favorites lists, which each user can configure individually, are particularly beneficial to intuitive usability. Content creation is much faster and more relaxed for our customers and their agencies.

Simple and clearly structured - digital packages

We continued with an interesting discussion of digital advertising media, the challenges we face and the solutions available. The forms of digital communication are diverse, multi-layered and characterized by a multitude of channels. In addition, the communication channels are not stringent. Content must adapt to the various requirements of owned and paid media such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, newsletters or even programmatic advertising. Furthermore, various company profiles and social media channels have to be maintained with posts and ads. Keeping an eye on all this and creating the right formats with the same content for the individual channels is a challenge! That's why we developed the new digital editor: simply select channels, define design elements, edit, approve and send out. It gets even easier when companies provide their site operators with predefined packages, then the workload for the respective site operator is reduced to just one click. It couldn't be simpler!

Plan, define, release, participate – the campaign generator

Another major topic was the simplified structures and defined workflows in the campaign automat. From the classic participation query to the advertising content to the creation of the location-based advertising media and also their booking, all these processes can be mapped. The group decides which points are activated for which campaign as part of the campaign planning process. In addition, there are release workflows and visibility control - guided by rights and roles - for defined comprehensible processes. Step-by-step configuration options leave no questions unanswered, and clear displays combined with push messages encourage individual sites to participate in campaigns. This makes campaign planning and implementation fun! And it goes without saying that all these points can be evaluated just in time.

socoto Community - be part of it!

Too much information or news? Don't worry! Of course, there will be general webinars for the new modules in the follow-up. If required, we also offer customer-specific (online) training sessions. But of course, the pure transfer of knowledge and the presentation of innovations and further developments are only part of our annual socoto Content Management Day. Just as important to us is the gathering of the socoto community. And so there were also opportunities this year to simply exchange ideas again. The secret highlight for some, however, was the subsequent guided tour of the zoo, which is already closed. We enjoyed the whole day very much and are already looking forward to the next community meeting!


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